Chinese New Year

We had great fun celebrating Chinese New Year!


Chinese Abacus and Tai Chi 

every Tuesday we will be learning to use an abacus and giving Tai Chi a go!

Celebration Assembly 

We’ve celebrated our successes today – well done everyone!


Today we are finding out why the Rainforests are being destroyed



Follow these links to find out more


Carrot Reward

We’ve won the CARROT award!
How do you want to spend Friday afternoon?
Golden Time?

Cadbury World

We’ve had an amazing trip to Cadbury world! Yummy…chocolate!


Safer Internet Day

Watch these clips and have a go at exploring the quiz!

When you have done both of these, please leave a comment…

What have you learnt?

What are your top tips for staying safe online?


Today in Maths we have been learning how to find the perimeter of polygons.  Have a go at this game!


Why does it Snow?

Today we have been writing explanations (working on using causal connectives) here are a few of the most creative and unusual:

It snows owing to the fact that Jack Frost has a pillow fight and the feathers fall down.    Maryam

It snows when the elves get very excited and they make snow and sprinkle it all around England.  Mark

It snows because fairies make snow in their cloud freezers and the clouds drip.    Oliveya

It snows as a result of Jack and The Giant having a pillow fight.   Aayan

It snows due to the fact Santa’s dandruff falls off his hair.    Rishi

It snows owing to the fact God creates snowflakes on a computer, duplicates them and turns them into snow and drops them on different countries.    Zuhayr