Wow! So proud  of 3JC…we’ve been learning to make a computer game using Scratch.  We are getting really good at creating computer code! 


Chicks Are Coming

Have you seen what’s happening in reception?

Flames of different colour

What colour flame does copper make? How about Lithium?

Science Week Assembly

We’ve been learning about light and colour!

Tribes of the Amazon Rainforest


In Geography, we are learning to describe how different tribes use the Amazon Rainforest.

You will need the document below for your research:

Amazon tribes resources for Blogs

How Jewish people remember the Pesach

We are learning about The Passover Story. Watch the video on

Learn about the special feast using the interactive seder plate on

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 20.48.25

World Maths Day

it’s World Maths Day!

Have a go at these Maths games…