Good Bye 3JC

Have a great summer 3JC.   Thanks for a fab year – you’ve all worked hard and  I’ve loved teaching you all! 

DT Project

For our end of year project we each made a TARDIS.  We had to measure and saw the wood, use a glue gun to stick our structure together and then Crete the outside.  




We have been looking at soil profiles today. Below is a powerpoint to help explain.

Soil_Profile lesson Y3

Telling the Time

We are learning to tell the time to the nearest  minute on analogue and digital clocks. In addition to the ActiveLearn homework activity have a go at these games


In Science, we are learning about volcanoes. To find out about volcanoes, click here:

Volcanoes Year 3

volcano powerpoint

There is a band on the earth’s surface around the Pacific Ocean called ‘The Ring of Fire’ where over half of the world’s volcanoes can be found. Why do chn think it is called the Ring of Fire? To find out which volcanoes are currently active visit

There are webcams at various volcano sites. See

Build your own virtual volcano and watch it erupt at

Visit study the volcanic eruption on the island of Montserrat. Go through the sections in order: Cause, Impact, Prediction, Action.

Other useful Websites Description of volcanoes Some helpful animations Ring of fire volcanoes News, photographs and webcams Description of different types of volcanoes & lava Types of volcanoes Interesting facts Volcanic eruptions information

Image result for volcano free clip art

Performing Poetry

IMG_3589 IMG_3592 IMG_3595 IMG_3608

We’ve had a great time learning and performing Roald Dahl’s ‘Little Red Riding Hood and theBig Bad Wolf’

Finding Fossils


What are fossils?

What is it like to be a palaeontologist?

Rock Cycle

Follow the link below to find out more.

3 Types of Rock

We are learning about the different types of rock. Use these pages to start your research:

Skara Brae

Click on this link to find out about the Stone Age site of Skara Brae:


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